How to find Good packers and Movers in Pune?

Finding good packers and movers in Pune is not that hard, you have to keep some points in mind while choosing a movers and packers Pune. It depends upon your shifting type that what features to look for and which company to prefer.

You can Categorise your Move in one of the type:

  • Local Shifting – Within City
  • Domestic Relocation – Outside City
  • International Moving – Outside Country

One company can’t be best all these three moving type. If you are shifting locally within Pune, look for reliable local packers and movers in Pune offering cheap rates. If you are relocating to another city in India from Pune look for Professional intercity movers.

Where to Look for Good Packers and Movers in Pune:

There are two genuine online platforms where you can look for moving companies.

  • Google : Search for your requirement and get suggestion.
  • Assure Shift : get pre verified list of movers from every localities in Pune.

Area wise Packers and Movers in Pune

Questions to ask before you hire a moving company

  1. If you are planning a home shifting or office relocation in Bangalore then you are surely worried about several aspects of the process including the security of your goods, cost of moving etc. While hiring a movers and packers in Pune, you would need to ask the right questions for the most hassle free relocation experience.
  2. The first thing you would want to ask your moving company is whether they are licensed. You would surely not want to entrust all your valuable items to a moving company which is not licensed. Any reputed packers and movers in Pune would come with a license although you’d do better to make sure.
  3. The next thing you need to ask them about is their permanent business address. Having a website isn’t enough since you’d never want to find yourself in a situation where you can’t find the address of the company you have hired. So you need to get some info about the location of the moving company’s office and warehouse.
  4. While hiring a relocation company in Pune, always make sure to ask them for a written quotation. You should never rely on what they tell you over the phone since there is always a chance of hidden fees. Having the quotation written on a piece of paper would give you the much needed peace of mind.
  5. You also need to ask your moving company to provide you with a detailed cost breakup for all the individual processes like packing, loading, shifting, unloading, reassembling storage etc. A reputed and dependable moving company would surely respond to your request. In case your moving company is refusing to provide you with a written quotation and detailed cost breakup then you should start looking for another company.
  6. There are some moving companies which are known to subcontract their work to others. So you need to ask them if they are doing the work on their own or subcontracting the work. It’s always suggested that you go for a moving company which doesn’t subcontract their job.
  7. Ask your moving company if they have liability insurance and how they are going to cover you in case of a mishap. If you are going for a long distance relocation then it’s vital for you to ask your moving company for a transit insurance. This insurance would allow you to get reimbursed in case there has been a damage of your goods in transit.
  8. Always make sure that the moving company makes use of new cartons, crates, wraps and other packing materials. There are some packers and movers which reuse their old packaging materials to reduce costs. Never encourage this practice and always ask them to bring along brand new packing materials.
  9. If you new home or office is not yet ready to move in, then ask your packing company to provide you with a temporary storage space.

I hope these tips will help you to find good packers and movers in Pune.


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